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God's Pit Crew to rebuild school in Oklahoma devastated by flooding

Project will be God's Pit Crew's largest ever

DANVILLE, Va. – God's Pit Crew is preparing for its largest project ever: helping the town of Moffett, Oklahoma, rebuild after devastating flooding.

"It's heart-wrenching, I know, for these teachers. It's heart-wrenching for everybody in the community," God's Pit Crew founder Randy Johnson said.

Pictures on Johnson's iPad show what's left of Moffett Public School in Moffett after the town was flooded by 6 to 8 feet of water in May from the nearby river.

God's Pit Crew plans to rebuild the school, expecting the work to cost at least $250,000.

"All the books, all their cafeteria, all the serving trays for the kids. The whole thing, it's all devastated," Johnson said.

Johnson went to Moffett to see the devastation firsthand after receiving a video from a pastor.

"It was just awful, what the video showed, and sure enough, when we got there, it was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever seen," Johnson said.

After interviews and a lot of praying, he said, he called Moffett's superintendent and told him God's Pit Crew would be back.

"He broke down and just wept over the phone, and when he got his composure, he said, 'Thank God we're not alone anymore,'" Johnson recalled.

In interviews with God's Pit Crew, school staff members echoed that feeling.

"We're so thankful and so grateful for you guys because now we've got the hope that we need," a secretary said.

"It is going to mean more than we could ever think or imagine," a teacher said.

Johnson hopes to start working on the school in August and have it usable by the end of the month.

"Our faith is really going to be stretched here, but we believe with all of our heart that it's something we're supposed to do, and we're just praying that others will join with us and help us get this done for this community," Johnson said.

If you would like to help God's Pit Crew, click here.