Lynchburg fightfighters see more car fires calls than usual

Firefighters offering advice, danger signs to drivers

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In one day, Lynchburg fightfighters saw more calls than usual for car fires.

The department was called Monday to four vehicle fires throughout the Hill City.

Firefighters say they typically get two to three such calls a week.

The department shared this helmet video with 10 News of a car in flames.

The fire spread and burned the side of a home.

Firefighters say the fires are not related to hot weather, but they offer this advice to drivers: If your vehicle is on fire while on the road, put the emergency brakes on, get everyone out of the vehicle and stay 100 feet away while you call 911.

“The best way to prevent car fires is to do general maintenance, upkeep. Make sure that you’re not having shorts in your car, constantly blowing fuses. These are all warning signs that things are going wrong,” Kenny Turner, battalion chief, said.

No one was injured in the reported car fires.