Amherst County Public Schools takes unique approach to raise funds, needs local businesses help

ACPS want to build a 9,900 square-foot building for concession stand, bathrooms

AMHERST, Va. – The bleachers at Amherst County High School’s fields are empty as it is summer break, but in a few years Amherst County School leaders want their spring athletes and fans to have a much better game experience.
“The baseball and softball parents came to us with a need and we’re trying to meet the need.” said William Wells, assistant superintendent.
Public school leaders want to build a 9,900 square-foot building that will hold locker rooms, a concession stand, practice rooms, batting cages and a bathroom.
“Currently, our fans that come here for games have to use a Port-A-John, which isn’t ideal for hot spring days, or they have to go to walk to the school to use the bathroom in the gym,” Wells said.
Building the facility won’t be easy.
That's why Amherst County Public Schools officials would like local businesses to help out.
“We’re trying to be good stewards of people’s money, in the county. We don’t want to have to raise taxes,” Wells said.
School leaders tell 10 News they’ve have made a few pitches to some companies in the area but need more.

“If businesses and organizations want to participate. We’d like to sit down and talk to them and see how they can help us with this project,” Wells said.
To help bring in more money, school leaders will create a fundraiser called “Round Up.” Wells says when customers go to buy items at a local store, they’ll be asked by the cashier if they want to round up to the next quarter or 75 cents. That money will go towards the school’s fundraiser for the construction.

In the meantime, school officials say there's no final number on how much it could cost. 
It depends on how many businesses reach out to support.

“It’s the single high school. The whole county uses these grounds and come here. So we want to make something we’re proud of,” Wells said.
To help, contact ACPS at 434-845-4704.