New partnership allows God's Pit Crew to get supplies to hurricane victims faster

Nonprofit teams up with Agape Flights to help Dorian victims in Bahamas

DANVILLE, Va. – As millions along the East Coast prepare for Hurricane Dorian, one Southside organization is springing into action.

"It's heartbreaking every single time you see it. You know people's lives have been forever wiped away," said Randy Johnson, founder and director of God's Pit Crew.

The nonprofit sent a tractor-trailer packed with 1,000 blessing buckets and 15 generators full of supplies out Wednesday morning. The truck will make the nearly 800-mile trip down to Venice, Florida Wednesday, ultimately bound for the Bahamas. It's not a new mission for God's Pit Crew, but this time, it's a little different.

"This will be the first time that we've ever had the opportunity to fly product in within days of a storm passing by," Johnson said.

The nonprofit has sent supplies overseas on ships before, but Johnson said that's a painstakingly slow process that takes weeks. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Agape Flights, much-needed supplies will be in the hands of hurricane victims by the end of the week.

"These blessing buckets, we feel like, contain life-sustaining product," Johnson said. "We know those people need that help and they need it now."

The organization isn't done yet. Johnson said they're keeping a close eye on Dorian and prepared to help anyone who may be affected in the U.S. to get communities back on track.

"We know that we're only a small part of the big picture but we're glad that we're a part and that we can make a difference," Johnson said.

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