Town of Bedford water fountain turns pink for breast cancer

For October, town leaders encouraging people to throw their change into fountain

BEDFORD, Va. – Next time you’re near the municipal building in the Town of Bedford, you may see some pink water gushing from the fountain. 

It's all to raise awareness for breast cancer. 

It's the first time public works officials have dyed the water pink. 

During the whole month of October, town leaders are encouraging people to stop by and drop some change into the fountain.

Town leaders say the money collected will be donated to a breast cancer foundation.

“On a personal level, we’ve had employees here that have been affected by this disease, and we’ve had some family of employees that have been affected," said D.W. Lawhorne, public works director. "It kind of hits home. Just want to do something a little special for those people. 

Town officials say they ordered the pink dye from a company they get their chemicals from. The water will go back to normal next month.

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Magdala Louissaint

Magdala Louissaint is an award-winning journalist who joined WSLS 10 in July 2017 as the Lynchburg bureau reporter.

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