Buckets of emergency supplies in classrooms give Danville teachers, students peace of mind

God's Pit Crew donated buckets to school district

DANVILLE, Va. – Emergency buckets are helping give students and teachers in Danville some peace of mind.

All Danville Public Schools teachers have had a bucket for about a week now, thanks to God’s Pit Crew.

They’re filled with a Bible, water, snacks and first-aid supplies.

Galileo High School English teacher Michelle Larking said they’ve been especially helpful for students since the active shooter drill there Oct. 11.

“As soon as the buckets came, they asked us, ‘What’s in the buckets?’ We opened the buckets and went through and showed them, and they were relieved that we had those things," Larking said. "They were especially interested in the tourniquet. They were getting very creative and thinking, ‘What can we use as a tourniquet if we didn’t have one?’”

A grant from the Womack Foundation allowed God’s Pit Crew to provide the buckets.