VDOT spends Thursday prepping roads for snowy weather

ROANOKE, Va. – Before snow started falling in Southwest Virginia, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) took steps to make everyone’s drive safer.

Every major highway in VDOT’s Salem Region received a coating of brine by the early afternoon. Additional trucks also laid down salt on some roads.

The main concern for VDOT is not the snow, but ice and slush that could form on freezing roads later in the night.

“With these low temperatures, we can see moisture come in right around rush hour and overnight," said Jason Bond of VDOT. "We could start to see some slick road conditions into the evening and into the overnight hours.”

VDOT suggests you use caution when driving for the rest of the week, even when you don’t see any precipitation falling.

A VDOT truck prepares to spread salt on roads ahead of an expected snowstorm. (WSLS 2020)