God’s Pit Crew preparing for local coronavirus response

Volunteers taking inventory of warehouse

God's Pit Crew reflects on 2019
God's Pit Crew reflects on 2019

DANVILLE, Va. – A local nonprofit known for helping people around the country and world is preparing to help people here at home.

God’s Pit Crew volunteers are making a list of all the supplies, like food and water, in the organization’s Danville warehouse available to be sent out locally if needed in the incident of a coronavirus outbreak.

CEO Randy Johnson said as of Friday there were about four semi-truck loads of Gatorade, one of water, about 50 pallets of food and about 2,500 disaster relief kits.

How all of this would be distributed was unclear.

“We would probably tend to try to work with the government, public officials in our surrounding city and county and let them handle that," Johnson said.

The organization is also still trying to help people in Tennessee after last week’s tornadoes, but as of Friday, God’s Pit Crew was not planning on limiting supplies to disaster areas in order to keep supplies locally.