Social security recipients will NOT need to file a tax return to get a stimulus check

This reverses the IRS’ initial decision

ROANOKE, VA. – The IRS has reversed its decision requiring those on social security to file tax returns in order to receive a stimulus check.

Now, they will not have to file a return to receive the money the government is sending out automatically to most people.

The decision comes as a group of U.S. senators said the move was an undue burden on the elderly and disabled people.

Virginia U.S. Sen. Mark Warner was among those who urged the IRS to change its decision.

“We want to make sure these direct deposit payments to Virginians get out with the least amount of bureaucracy as possible. The idea that folks on social security were going to have to go through and file a form made no sense,” said Warner.

Social security recipients with direct deposit will have the money automatically deposited into their accounts, others will be mailed a check.