‘This message just hit me to the core’: Roanoke first grader writes teacher a song of appreciation

ROANOKE, Va. – In a show of appreciation for her teacher, one Roanoke first grader came up with a precious song to share.

6-year-old Kaylee Blaszak wrote the song to the tune of another song that her mom Whitney made up years ago. Whitney sings it to her children before bed.

“I sing it to my children, I sing ‘I love you Kaylee, oh yes I do,’” Whitney said.

Last Friday, things felt “off” for Debbie Boone, Kaylee’s first grade teacher, because the pandemic robbed her of giving a proper goodbye to her students.

“I was emotional at school knowing that I was packing up and the year was over,” said Boone. “Our time has come to an end and it’s not the way it should be and then to pull into my garage on a Friday and get this song and this message just hit me to the core it’s hard to not cry, thinking about it still.”

Kaylee worked hard to write the lyrics to the song, which stemmed from her own experiences with Boone, including how Boone comforted Kaylee when her stomach hurt.

"When my tummy hurt she gave me a heating pad and gave me a special spot where her desk was and called my mom and my mom came and picked me up," said Kaylee.

It was a heartfelt way to thank a teacher for making an impact beyond the classroom.

"To Miss Kaylee, you will always hold a special place in my heart forever! And she knows that," Boone said.

Last week was teacher appreciation week and Boone says she received all kinds of gifts from her students that filled her heart with joy.

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