Coronavirus doesn’t keep people from polls in Danville

Steps taken to keep voters, poll workers safe

DANVILLE, Va. – The coronavirus didn’t keep people in Danville away from the polls.

At the city’s Ballou Park precinct, people came in one or two at a time throughout the day.

Tape was on the floor in six foot intervals to encourage people to stay six feet apart.

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Poll workers were wearing masks, voting tables were wiped down frequently and plastic was put up in front of the poll workers checking people in to vote.

The city’s registrar said Monday about 2,400 people voted absentee, which is the most ever.

Voters 10 News spoke to Tuesday said they were not worried about getting the coronavirus by voting in-person.

“Just got to stay your 6 feet and wear your mask," said Carl Luck.

“The old way is still the best way no matter what,” John Holt said.

Voters were electing members to the city council, as well as the city’s school board.

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