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Friendship throws drive-thru Father’s Day parade for residents

ROANOKE, Va. – Father’s Day is a few days away, but many traditions will change this year because of COVID-19. Social distancing inspired a Roanoke assisted living facility to do something special for its residents Friday morning.

Friendship organized a drive-thru parade for its residents, since visitors are still not allowed inside of the facility. Loved ones drove around the building while waving to loved ones stationed on the curb.

The facility had previously organized a similar parade for Mother’s Day. Friendship officials said it is the best alternative for family members hoping to get physically close again.

“It’s crucial,” said Friendship Director of Marketing Stephanie Landes. “Relationships are everything, and unfortunately not being able to be in person has caused a bit of a strain, despite us offering virtual meetings. Nothing compares to being there in person.”