‘It just feels amazing’: 9-year-old surprised by Tim Tebow completes chemo treatments

9-year-old Grayson Coleman spent most of 2020 undergoing chemo for bone cancer

ORLANDO, Fl. – 2020 has been a tough year for many, but for one little boy it has meant nine months of cancer treatments.

Even with surprises like a FaceTime call with Tim Tebow, Grayson Coleman’s journey has been hard.

This week though, he reached a major milestone.

Grayson started his walk out of treatment with two fist pumps as the hospital staff cheered.

The 9-year-old has spent most of 2020 undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer.

“Sometimes you’re sick and you don’t want to do anything, so all you do is sleep,” Grayson said.

His mom, Dawn, and her friends, took to Facebook many times asking the community for prayer because he was so sick or his fever spiked.

“There were a lot of rough nights in the hospital and at home feeling very helpless,” Dawn said.

People prayed and Grayson persevered.

To say Dawn and her son had a village from Florida to Virginia supporting them every step of the way would be an understatement.

“Liberty [University] has been wonderful through all this, my hometown, like we’ve talked about before, Buena Vista and the surrounding Lexington, Rockbridge County has been amazing,” Dawn said.

Not to mention, the hospital staff that sang and cheered as he finished treatment and rang the bell.

“It just feels amazing, you’re speechless, you just want to say thank you to everybody,” Grayson said.

“I watched him walk around and hug everybody individually to thank them,” Dawn said.

With support from Tim Tebow, the Orlando Police Department and thousands on Facebook, this mother is at a loss for words.

“You don’t know how to say thank you enough. You feel like those words are not sufficient enough,” Dawn said.

When words are not enough Dawn and Grayson are looking forward to action.

“We look forward to paying forward in the future and showing that support to someone else who will need it,” said Dawn.

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