Rocky Mount town council reaffirms Second Amendment sanctuary commitment

Council has no intentions to pass gun restrictions although it now has the ability to do so

ROCKY MOUNT, VA. – On Monday night, Rocky Mount Town Council took another step in making itself a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Earlier this year, it passed an ordinance that said it did not support any new gun restrictions passed by the General Assembly. State lawmakers did end up giving localities the choice to restrict guns in certain situations, which took effect July 1.

Some locals were still concerned about what that could mean. Town Manager James Ervin said the town doesn’t plan to do anything however.

“What the general assembly ended up doing was granting localities some extra powers on firearms regulation, what we were asked to do tonight and what we did do was simply publicly state that we do not intend to pass any additional,” Ervin said.

Ervin pointed out that future councils could still decide to pass gun restrictions if they want to.

Many in the crowd were pleased with council’s decision.

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