Lynchburg dispatchers who gave life-saving CPR instructions recognized online

Step-by-step CPR instructions before paramedics arrive

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Two emergency dispatchers have been recognized on social media for their efforts to saving lives.

Lynchburg’s Department of Emergency Services says the dispatchers recently received two 911 calls, then walked the callers through CPR instructions before paramedics arrived.

Pamela Watson, the department’s personnel and training supervisor, says even if you know CPR, a dispatcher can remind you what to do.

“Just us giving you the instructions and telling you how to do it: get them on the floor, start pumping the chest. Those instructions will help you remember what you may already know. And if you don’t, we’ll talk you right through it,” said Watson.

We’re told both victims survived because of the step-by-step instructions.

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