‘Folks should avoid traveling’: VDOT prepares for winter storm

Some roads could not be brined because of cold weather

Ahead of Sunday's winter storm, here's what VDOT is doing to make roads safer.

SALEM, Va. – Significant snowfall is likely on its way to Virginia, and the Virginia Department of Transportation has all hands on deck ready to keep the roads clear.

VDOT crews clocked in for 12-hour shifts Saturday evening in anticipation of the night’s winter weather. Multiple inches of snow are forecast for Southwest Virginia, and VDOT spokesperson Jason Bond told 10 News the conditions will likely be hard for the crews.

“The prolonged nature of the event and the intensity of the event will really pose a lot of challenges,” Bond said. “We are looking at some difficult driving conditions and hazardous traveling over the next few days. Really, folks should avoid traveling.”

VDOT will focus on interstates and main routes first, which means it could be a while before some neighborhood streets are cleared.

“Snow stopping and restarting again will pull us back onto the main roads so we can continue making multiple passes over those routes,” Bond said.

Crews prepared many of the major roads before the snow rolled in, but they were unable to do so in the New River Valley.

“Down the 220 corridor, we were able to brine ahead of the storm, but in the New River Valley we were not able to get over every road because it’s been too cold,” Bond said.

For a look at current road conditions throughout Virginia, click on this link.