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Scammers pretending to have victim’s child demand money for their release

The caller ID might appear local, but it’s not

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The Virginia State Police are warning the public about scammers calling people and saying they have their child and then demanding money for their release.

Police said there has been a variety of reports placed to multiple agencies in the region of the scam.

According to authorities, the caller sometimes has a child screaming in the background to make the call appear more real.

Police said that even though the calls are being generated from outside of the country, it may appear as a local phone number on the caller ID.

The scam is intended to make the victim panic and is one that resurfaces every few years, according to officers.

If you suspect a scam telephone call, report it immediately to your local police department or sheriff’s office

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Jazmine Otey joined the 10 News team in February 2021.