Liz Kitley: Bringing the sizzle on the court and the kitchen

‘I would say there are a lot of similarities.’

BLACKBSURG, Va. – The same skills needed to compete at a high level in basketball, often translate to the kitchen--just ask All-American Virginia Tech center Liz Kitley.

“Multitasking,” Kitley said. “I mean, cooking is really hard. If you can’t multitask or focus, if you get sidetracked you can ruin your meal. I would say there are a lot of similarities.”

In a partnership with Triumph NIL, Kitley had the opportunity to put on her chef’s hat for a demonstration at the Gourmet Pantry.

“When you leverage your passion, it elevates the brands you partner with,” said Brenden Hill of Triumph NIL. “Liz is passionate about cooking and being in the kitchen and things like that.”

“She’s pretty good on her own,” said Roya Gharavi, owner of Gourmet Pantry. “I had her come and show me how she cuts avocados so I could share with her, but she was right on it and did it exactly how I do it. So, she’s on top of it.”

Her dish of choice?

“I grew up making enchiladas. My mom is here, so thanks mom. If they’re bad you can ask her what’s up. My mom grew up making those so, it’s a comfort dish and probably what I’ve made most in my life.”

Liz Kitley doing a cooking demonstration in partnership with Triumph NIL (WSLS)

In this setting, the playbook is the recipe.

The same hands filling the stat sheet, feed the fans that support her.

“I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these faces before at games and stuff,” Kitley. “It’s not a different crowd. “I know they’re all fans and supporters. I’m excited.”

Their is one big difference: while a win on the court features sounds of fans screaming at the top of their lungs, a win in the kitchen is when silence is bliss.

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