Tasty Tuesday: Slice Queen

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BLACKSBURG, Va. – Angelo Carlone didn’t always like making pizza.

"I'd go into my brother's restaurant at 6 in the morning and start making pizza, and he didn't even know," said Carlone.

But now, he's questioned the way many do it and has taken matters into his own hands, with 13 very interesting combinations.

When 10 News visited Slice Queen, Chris Michaels tried a Prom Queen Margherita, a Frankie Fungae, Chicken and Waffle, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a Dessert Pizza.

You don't have to just commit to one, though. You can order a board of pizza, which is like a flight of pizzas.

At any given time, you may find a special or two thrown in the mix.

"We're gonna put 1-2 specials a week that are going to be with seasonal ingredients and local ingredients, so every time you come through those doors you can have a different experience," said Carlone.

Hunter Withrow knew within less than an hour that this is something he wanted to be a part of, after tasting the Chicken and Waffles pie.

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