Tropical Storm Bertha makes landfall in South Carolina; remnants to give us heavy rain

This storm suddenly getting a name changes nothing about our forecast moving forward.

Tropical Storm Bertha forms near SC coast

ROANOKE, Va. – The storm system that will give us heavy rain and flooding late Wednesday into Wednesday night now has a name. Tropical Storm Bertha formed Wednesday morning along the coast of South Carolina. This will be a short-lived tropical system. Once it moves on land, it will weaken a bit.

Bertha weakens to a remnant low before moving here

This DOES NOT CHANGE our forecast. We have been calling for heavy rain and flooding later Wednesday and that continues to be the case, regardless of whether or not the storm has a name.

After 4 or 5 p.m., heavy rain from this system will spread from south to north. This will last for several hours through the night, causing streams and creeks to rise. Some rivers may rise a bit too, although probably not to levels like we saw last week.

Storm threats late Wednesday into Thursday morning

Flooding is the main concern, which could lead to a few road closures. Gusty wind within a few heavier showers could lead to a few downed trees and spotty power outages at night.

Storm threats late Wednesday into Thursday morning

Stay with Your Local Weather Authority, as we continue to track the path of the storm and just how much rain it will give us.

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