Don’t burn! Unseasonably warm, dry weather leads to higher fire risk Thursday

Fires can spread quickly given the warmth, dryness and breeze Thursday

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ROANOKE, Va. – You may read the headline and think, “Yeah, right...with how wet February was?” Let’s not forget that it has been completely dry for the last 10 days, including Monday which had the lowest humidity in a decade.

The dryness, unseasonable warmth and a breeze will keep the fire risk high Thursday. In addition to that, there is a statewide burn ban in place from Midnight to 4 p.m. each day until the end of April.

Fire Weather Watch for Thursday, 3/11/2021

Outside of that, Thursday will be another beautiful day to spend outside. With a mix of clouds and sun and a breeze from the south, we expect temperatures to reach into the 70s for most of the area. This could perhaps be our warmest day of 2021 - beating out Wednesday by a degree or two.

High temperature forecast for 3/11/2021

Enjoy that, because wet weather will return for some of us Friday. It doesn’t look like a washout by any stretch. With a front passing through, a few afternoon showers will be possible.

Rain coverage for Friday, 3/12/2021

This likely won’t be enough to wreck any plans.

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