YOUR PHOTOS: Did you see a ring around the moon this past weekend?

The halo around the moon was caused by the refraction of light in ice crystals up above

Photo of a 22° halo around the moon Saturday night. Taken by Lara Wilson of Buchanan, VA (Copyright 2023 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

ROANOKE, Va.UPDATE: This was seen again early Monday morning in parts of the Roanoke Valley.

It was Saturday night when the nearly full moon put on a show in the night sky.

A halo formed around it, which caused some of us to take out our phones and send pictures.

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Sunday Feb 5 - Full Moon - it has rings!

Adam M

Moon tonight


These halos form when the moon (or sun during the day) light refracts or bends when passing through ice crystals. This refraction is similar to when you see a “rainbow” on your house’s floor on a sunny day.

Clouds (cirrus clouds) at the 30,000-foot level were cold enough to be composed of ice Saturday night, which led to this refraction of moonlight.

The angle at which that refraction happens is 22°, which is why you’ll often hear atmospheric scientists/meteorologists refer to this as a 22° halo.

How 22° halos form

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