Showers, isolated storms before a pleasant week

Saturday is the last soggy day for quite some time

Scattered showers and some storms are common through the afternoon

ROANOKE, Va. – Cloudy morning skies bring showers soon after noon. Those showers stay light through the middle of the afternoon, but by 5:00 PM rainfall rates pick up with the potential for non-severe storms.

Storms have the greatest chance of forming between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Showers take their time moving through West Virginia. By noon western slopes see only sprinkles. Through the first half of the afternoon light showers make their way over the mountains towards I-81.

Showers are barely cresting western slopes by noon

The front picks up extra energy as it reaches Lynchburg and Southside. These downpours can produce some lightning and thunder with high wind gusts.

Some heavy downpours can produce lightning and high wind gusts

The storm threat ends as the system moves west in the evening. Showers stick around along the North Carolina border overnight. By sunrise on Sunday showers are mostly done.

Showers are mostly done by 10:00 PM

Rain totals are highest towards Lynchburg and Bedford where the more intense rainfall develops late in the day. Accumulations are noticeably light north of US-460.

Rain totals are highest where showers move through late in the afternoon

Rain in our eastern counties will help bring moisture levels closer to where they should be by this point in the year. Counties below in yellow are abnormally dry. Saturday is the last chance for the next week to improve the ground conditions.

Saturday's rainfall will help get eastern counties closer to where they should be for rain by late May

While some storms can develop here today the main threat is well to our south. Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia are the most likely to have more intense weather. Even that risk is much lower than the Level 3 risk that Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina had earlier in the week.

Severe storm chances are light and well south of us today

Lightning is the most likely type of threat to develop late Saturday. Some wind gusts can climb high, but with generally mild winds today it’s hard for those gusts to break branches or power lines.

Storms are rare this afternoon, but those that do form carry a lightning risk

With only a month to go until summer starts the sun is out for a long portion of the day and stays high in the sky. Even with our cloud cover the UV index is very high so apply sunscreen if you’re spending a long time outdoors.

Despite the cloud cover the UV index is rather high

Once this cold front moves east high pressure takes over and keeps our weather consistent. Clear skies with mild temperatures are the trend well into the second half of next week.

High pressure is very strong next week

We hold on to most of our heat after the front. Warmer air coming in keeps Sunday’s temperatures just as warm as Saturday’s. Highs deviate very little from this range over the next seven days.

Temperatures hold steady behind the front

If you’re looking to get your car washed you have plenty of chances in the week ahead. Sunday and Monday are both particularly dry, and we stay dry through Friday. You could even do it yourself and get some good exercise!

Dry days through next week make those much better for getting a car wash

Looking towards next weekend there is a possibility of showers, but the days before that are confidently comfortable. Enjoy the calm weather as long as you’d like.

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