10 Strong Poll: Ranking the region’s high school football teams

Lord Botetourt our unanimous No. 1 in season’s final poll

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Published Nov. 25, 2019:

With four teams in last week’s poll falling in the playoffs, our final 10 Strong Poll of the 2019 season features some new faces.

With our top four teams, Lord Botetourt, Heritage, E.C. Glass and Salem all winning, we had no movement there.

However, for the first time since Week 9′s poll, we again have a unanimous No. 1 team in Lord Botetourt.

With Narrows, Pulaski County, Radford and Magna Vista all losing in the region semifinal round, all four dropped out of the 10 Strong Poll.

That bumped up Galax to the No. 5 spot and then at No. 6, Northside returned to the 10 Strong Poll after a one-week hiatus.

State champion North Cross sits at No. 7 in our final poll.

Our final three teams are all making their 10 Strong debuts in the poll’s final week.

Appomattox County, coming off a shutout win over Glenvar, Gretna off a big win at Radford and George With over a big win at Narrows round out this week’s poll.

Here’s a look at the other 12 teams that received votes in our Week 13 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Magna Vista (23), Pulaski County (18), G.W. Danville (17), Radford (14), Narrows (8), Roanoke Catholic (8), Rockbridge County (7), Hidden Valley (5), Amherst County (5), Glenvar (4), Liberty Christian Academy (4), Patrick Henry High School (4)

Published Nov. 18, 2019:

The first round of the playoffs is in the books and with a lack of upsets, there’s a lack of big changes to the 10 Strong Poll.

Our top two teams remain the same in Lord Botetourt and Heritage, with LB receiving five of six No. 1 votes.

Behind them are E.C. Glass, Salem and Narrows.

That’s the same three teams as last week; however, Glass jumped over both Salem and Narrows.

Since last week, Galax and Pulaski County remain in the No. 6 and No. 7 spots.

The state champion North Cross Raiders jumped up from No. 10 to No. 8, while Radford dropped down to No. 9.

And back in the 10 Strong Poll at No. 10 is Magna Vista.

Here’s a look at the other 10 teams that received votes in our Week 12 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Northside (29), G.W. Danville (29), Appomattox County (19), Hidden Valley (11), Glenvar (8), Gretna (6), George Wythe (4), Rockbridge County (4), Auburn (4), LIberty Christian (1)

Published Nov. 11, 2019:

With the regular season finished, we only have a few 10 Strong Polls left.

This week doesn't have too much action, but Lord Botetourt now holds sole possession of the top spot in our poll.

Behind them are Heritage, Salem, Narrows and E.C. Glass.

Unchanged from last week's poll, we have Galax and Pulaski County in the No. 6 and No. 7 spots.

In a tie for eighth are Radford and Northside.

Rounding out this poll is North Cross, who plays Saturday afternoon for a state title.

Here’s a look at the other 13 teams that received votes in our Week 11 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Magna Vista (31), G.W. Danville (23), Appomattox County (19), Gretna (13), Roanoke Catholic (12), Bassett (11), Franklin County (9), Liberty Christian Academy (6), Blacksburg (4), George Wythe (4), Christiansburg (3), Glenvar (2), Hidden Valley (1)

Published Nov. 4, 2019:

There's one word to describe this week's 10 Strong Poll... active!

While last week saw spots 1-8 remain identical, this week, not a single team occupies the spot they held last week.

Heritage won the 2019 Jug Bowl and vaulted over E.C. Glass to No. 1 in this week's poll; however, the Pioneers are not alone at the top as they're tied with Lord Botetourt for that honor.

E.C. Glass dropped down to No. 3, while Salem, off an impressive win over Hidden Valley, jumped up a spot to No. 4.

Rounding out the top five is Narrows, who, despite a shutout-win against Bath County, still dropped one spot.

Galax was in the bye week and still managed to move up from No. 7 to No. 6.

With a win over a strong Patrick Henry team, Pulaski County moved up two spots to No. 7 in this week's poll.

A strong win over G.W. Danville helped Magna Vista get the votes it needed to return to the 10 Strong Poll. The Warriors were last ranked in Week 3 when again, they held the 8-spot.

After losing to Floyd County, Radford dropped down three spots this week to No. 9.

This week's poll has both ties at the top and bottom. Sharing the 10-spot are Northside and North Cross.

Northside fell to Lord Botetourt, while North Cross finished its regular season with a win against Christchurch School.

Here's a look at the other 13 teams that received votes in our Week 10 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Blacksburg (20), Roanoke Catholic (20), Liberty Christian (16), G.W. Danville (13), Gretna (10), Franklin County (9), Appomattox County (6), Hidden Valley (5), Rockbridge County (4), Jefferson Forest (3), Patrick Henry (3), George Wythe (1), Floyd County (1)

Published Oct. 28, 2019:

Week 8 saw nine out of ten active teams win. For that very reason, we had virtually no movement in this week's poll.

Spots 1-8 remained identical and the only changes were Blacksburg dropping out of the poll and Northside shifting up, going from being tied for tenth, to being tied for ninth.

For those of you who like seeing big changes, don't worry, they're coming!

Week 9 has E.C. Glass taking on Heritage and Lord Botetourt playing host to Northside.

Here's a look at the other 14 teams that received votes in our Week 9 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Blacksburg (29), North Cross (16), Franklin County (13), Magna Vista (9), Appomattox County (5), Hidden Valley (4), Jefferson Forest (4), Liberty Christian Academy (3), Patrick Henry (3), Gretna (2), George Wythe (2), Roanoke Catholic (2), Glenvar (2), Christiansburg (2)

Published Oct. 21, 2019:

Only three weeks remain in the regular season and our No. 1 and No. 2 teams remains the same.

E.C. Glass and Lord Botetourt remain atop the poll; however, Heritage now sits at No. 3 after Salem's lost to Martinsburg.

At No.4, also jumping Salem, is Narrows with a 7-0 record on the year.

Salem dropped down to No. 5 this week and up three spots to No. 6 is Radford.

The Bobcats had a dominant showing Friday night, beating Alleghany, 72-6.

Remaining at No. 7 is Galax and right behind them, up two spots from Week 7, is G.W. Danville at No. 8.

After a two-week hiatus, we welcome Pulaski County back to the 10 Strong Poll after the Cougars defeat of Blacksburg.

Tied for the tenth spot are Blacksburg and Northside.

Blacksburg slid down four spots after losing to Pulaski County.

For the Northside Vikings, their appearance at No. 10 marks their first entry into the 10 Strong Poll this season.

Here's a look at the other 12 teams that received votes in our Week 8 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Magna Vista (24), Franklin County (16), Hidden Valley (16), Liberty Christian Academy (12), North Cross (16), Appomattox County (6), Gretna (4), George Wythe (3), Patrick Henry (3), Roanoke Catholic (2), Glenvar (2), Jefferson Forest (2)

Published Oct. 14, 2019:

We're seven weeks down, our No. 1 team remains the same.

E.C. Glass and Lord Botetourt remain the one-two punch atop the poll.

Salem's strong outing against Patrick Henry gave them enough votes to flip with Heritage.

Then at 5 and 6, we saw another flip as 5-2 Blacksburg dropped to sixth and Narrows, undefeated at 6-0, improved to fifth.

Galax remained steady in seventh with the Franklin County Eagles flying up two spots to No. 8.

Dropping down two spots, despite at 42-13 win, are the Radford Bobcats.

Lastly, making their 2019 10 Strong Poll debut is G.W. Danville, knocking Hidden Valley, who had a bye, out of the tenth spot.

Here's a look at the other 14 teams that received votes in our Week 7 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Hidden Valley (22), Magna Vista (18), George Wythe (17), North Cross (14), Pulaski County (13), Chatham (13), Northside (12), Roanoke Catholic (5), Gretna (4) Appomattox County (3), Halifax County (2), Dan River (2), Glenvar (1), Patrick Henry (1)

Published Oct. 7, 2019:

We're six weeks in, meaning we are now more than halfway done the regular season!

After six weeks of play, E.C. Glass not only remains at No. 1, but for the first time this season, the 10 Strong Poll has a unanimous No. 1 in the Hilltoppers.

At 2,3,4 it's Lord Botetourt and Heritage, followed by undefeated Salem.

Returning to the 10 Strong Poll, after a one-week break is Blacksburg at No. 5. The voters must have felt confident about the Bruins after Friday night's road win against Patrick Henry.

Narrows remains undefeated at No. 6.

Both Radford, coming off a loss to Richlands, and Galax, coming off the bye, share the No. 7 spot in our poll.

With the bye week, Franklin County didn't move, remaining at No. 9.

Making their 10 Strong debut, at No. 10, it's Hidden Valley after an impressive 35-14 win against Pulaski County.

Here's a look at the other 11 teams that received votes in our Week 6 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

G.W. Danville (29), Magna Vista (19), North Cross (18), Pulaski County (15), Northside (14), George Wythe (14), Gretna (12), Chatham (11), Rockbridge County (9), Roanoke Catholic (7), Glenvar (4)

Published Sept. 30, 2019:

Week 5 provided a bit more movement in the 10 Strong Poll.

E.C. Glass remains number one, receiving five of six No. 1 votes.

At No. 2, Lord Botetourt and Heritage are now tied, after the Cavaliers had a bye and Heritage beat Amherst County, 49-8.

Salem remains at No. 4.

Behind the Spartans is Pulaski County, up two spots after their win against Cave Spring.

Despite shutting out Giles, 42-0, Radford dropped one spot to No. 6 in this week's poll.

A dominating win for North Cross allowed the Raiders to jump up three spots, the biggest upward move of the week to No. 7.

With Blacksburg exiting the poll after the Bruins loss to Salem, Narrows was glad to take their place, moving up one spot to No. 8.

Returning to the poll, after a two-week hiatus, is Franklin County at No. 9.

Lastly, after a loss to Northside, Galax's first loss of the season saw the Maroon Tide drop five spots to No. 10.

Here's a look at the other 13 teams that received votes in our Week 5 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

G.W. Danville (25), Magna Vista (23), Northside (19), Blacksburg (14), Patrick Henry (14), Roanoke Catholic (9), Chatham (9), Gretna (8), Hidden Valley (7), George Wythe (6), Rockbridge County (5), Glenvar (5), Brookville (1)

Published Sept. 23, 2019:

Things didn't change much up top, but we have lots of movement at the bottom of the Week 4 10 Strong Poll.

E.C. Glass, Lord Botetourt, Heritage and Salem remain in the 1-4 spots, but that's where the similarities from last week end.

At No. 5, Galax and Radford now share the spot. Radford moved up four spots to get there.

At No. 7, Pulaski County's win over William Byrd moved the Cougars up three spots.

At No. 8, despite winning big against Staunton River, Blacksburg dropped two spots from last week.

The final spots in this week's poll go to two teams who are making their first 10 Strong Poll appearances of the season.

At No. 9, it's Narrows, followed by North Cross, fresh off breaking Roanoke Catholic's streak of 34-straight wins.

Here's a look at the other 14 teams that received votes in our Week 4 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

G.W. Danville (26), Magna Vista (22), Hidden Valley (14), Franklin County (13), Northside (11), Patrick Henry (11), Roanoke Catholic (9), Gretna (8), Rockbridge County (8), Glenvar (6), Chatham (6), Halifax County (5), Auburn (4), George Wythe (2)

Published Sept. 16, 2019:

A shake-up at the top highlights this week's 10 Strong Poll.

Despite winning against West Virginia power Bluefield, Lord Botetourt dropped down to No. 2.

Rising up from No. 2 to No. 1, the E.C. Glass Hilltoppers with a convincing 34-7 win over Franklin County.

It's now time to welcome a new team to the 10 Strong Poll.

The 3-0 Magna Vista Warriors are this week's only new entry, making their 2019 debut at No. 8.

Here's a look at the other 14 teams that received votes in our Week 3 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Narrows (25), G.W. Danville (23), Gretna (15), North Cross (12), Hidden Valley (9), Franklin County (7), Christiansburg (6), Northside (6), William Fleming (3), Glenvar (3), Chatham (2), Patrick Henry (2), James River (1), Halifax County (1)

Published Sept. 9, 2019:

In a rarity, no teams left the Top 10, while one team entered the ranks.

Thanks to a tie for 10th place, William Fleming makes this week's 10 Strong Poll for an 11-team poll.

Our biggest shift of the week saw Blacksburg drop six spots from No. 1 down to a tie for seventh after a 23-7 loss to Lord Botetourt.

While there are many 2-0 teams in the area, Heritage, Blacksburg and Franklin County all remain in the Top 10 poll despite their 1-1 records.

Here's a look at the other 13 teams that received votes in our Week 2 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Hidden Valley (26), Gretna (22), Narrows (20), Magna Vista (19), Jefferson Forest (13), Rustburg (9), Glenvar (6), Auburn (5), Christiansburg (5), James River (3), North Cross (1), Chatham (2), G.W. Danville (1)

Published Sept. 2, 2019:

Week 1 of high school football is in the books!

That means it's time for the 10 Strong Poll to be released.

This season marks the poll's third year.

For those unfamiliar with the 10 Strong Poll, it's similar to the AP Top 25 poll.

Here at 10 News, we have six people vote for who they feel the top area teams are. Those independent polls are then combined each week to produce the 10 Strong Poll.

While only 10 teams make the poll each week, we also show you which teams received votes, so you're able to see if your team is poised to rise into the top 10.

This week, we have Blacksburg atop the list, receiving four of six No. 1 votes. The Bruins started their season on the road, shutting out Giles. This week, they return to Blacksburg to take on Lord Botetourt, which is also coming off a Week 1 win.

At No. 2, it's E.C. Glass. The Hilltoppers started their season a day early, dominating Charlottesville on Thursday night. They outscored the Black Knights 58-0 on the road. The Hilltoppers will be taking Week 2 off as it's their bye week.

Starting the season at spot No. 3, it's Lord Botetourt. The Cavaliers were almost taken down in Week 1 by Brookville but outlasted the Bees to start the year at 1-0.

No. 4 on our list is Salem. The new-coach Spartans started their season with a strong win in Amherst County, 48-20. Now, they come back home to Salem Stadium to take on fellow 1-0 team in Franklin County.

You'll have to drive south on 81, and then a bit further south on I-77, to get to No. 5 Galax. The Maroon Tide made the 80-mile drive Friday and ruined the turf-field christening at Glenvar, beating the Highlanders 32-29. Now, Galax doesn't have to worry about any long bus rides in Week 2 as they host Martinsville.

Reigning 3A state champion Heritage comes in at No. 6 on our Week 1 poll. The Pioneers looked to prove themselves in 2019, taking on North Carolina powerhouse Vance in Week 1. Heritage fell 35-7, but our voters still view the defending champs as worthy of being a top 10 team. Heritage is set up for another tough matchup, facing John Marshall this week on the road.

At No. 7, it's Franklin County. The Eagles shut out Liberty on the road, 28-0, in Week 1 and have quite the challenge against Salem in Week 2.

Radford is our No. 8 team after a strong home win in Week 1. The Bobcats took on George Wythe and beat the Maroons 45-23. Like the Hilltoppers, the Bobcats have a Week 2 bye.

At No. 9, it's a team that's won 32 consecutive games. The Roanoke Catholic Celtics took the trip out to Bath County in Week 1 and came back with a 72-7 victory. The Celtics will again be on the road in Week 2 as they play Charles City.

Lastly, rounding out this week's poll is Pulaski County. The Cougars hosted Northside and shutout the Vikings, 14-0. Now, Pulaski County stays at home as the Bassett Bengals come to town.

Here's a look at the other 16 teams that received votes in our Week 1 poll, along with their corresponding point totals:

Magna Vista (22 points), Narrows (20), Gretna (20), William Byrd (20), Glenvar (18), Rockbridge County (12), William Fleming (12), Hidden Valley (11), North Cross (6), Martinsville (5), William Campbell (3), Auburn (3), Brookville (2), Covington (1), Halifax County (1), Christiansburg (1)