Robotics students across the region prepare to go head-to-head at Blue Ridge Brawl

Salem High School hosts tournament for 20 teams within 4 states

SALEM, Va. – Think of a science fair mixed with a high school football game, that's the way one robotics teacher describes tournaments like the Blue Ridge Brawl.

This Saturday, Oct. 5, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Salem High School, 20 high school robotics teams from four states go head-to-head. The event is free and open to the public.

Teams from Wythe, Henry, Montgomery, Pittsylvania, Botetourt and Roanoke counties plan to compete. 

Team 401 of Christiansburg High School built a robot in six weeks, and now the team is ready to put it to the test.

With several local teams competing in the Blue Ridge Brawl, it takes this tournament to the next level. 
Senior Patrick Holder is a veteran on the team. He says, "I feel like there's a lot more of a rivalry when we're down with the teams close to us. It's a lot of fun to see our local teams and try to see who is the best."

"Sometimes you'll see teams entirely of women and you're like how did they get so many invested when on our team we have so few. So it's cool to see because they have so many and to talk to them and see their experiences," says Chloe Marchand, another senior on Team 401.

For a full list of participating teams click here