Daytime Kitchen: Chocolate Modeling

By Brittany Flowers - Daytime Blue Ridge Host

Chef John Schopp joins Natalie and Brittany in the Daytime Kitchen to do chocolate modeling. You can catch him on Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship. Modeling chocolate – using food processor tempering

This is a simple technique used to temper chocolate for modeling.  Chef Geoff Blount showed me the technique during the ACF chocolate festival several years ago. It involves putting ‘tempered' chocolate straight from the manufacturer and into the food processor.  The friction from the revolution of the blade heats up the chocolate, allowing it to be moldable for a brief moment before it sets back up into a firm tempered state.

  • Place dark chocolate directly into the food processor and start the machine.
  • The chocolate will break down and look ‘crumbly' as it heats up. This will take a few minutes.
  • Test the chocolate by gathering a small amount in your hand and compress it. If it holds together when compressed it's done, if it is still crumbly it needs a little more time processing.
  • Shape as desired and allow to set.
  • You have to work quickly before the chocolate sets up.

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