Wythe County Schools see improvement on SOL

WYTHE COUNTY (WSLS10) Wythe County Public Schools have seen tremendous growth on their Standards of Learning  Tests.

The county has seen a 200% percent growth from all the subjects combined on the tests.

Dr. Jeff Perry, the Wythe County Schools Superintendent said he saw an increase in scores this year because teachers were taking a different approach in preparing students for the SOL.

He said within his first year, he took feedback from his principals, and teachers and incorporated them which is how he saw results.

Those tactics include raising students' expectations, making sure teachers followed up with students who had trouble after they learned a certain skill, and the biggest reason for the increase, Perry claims is having comprehensive lesson plans which allow teachers more time in the classroom.

"Every teacher in region seven and actually some outside region seven who have heard about what we've done, and those individuals come and everything you need to implement a lesson plan is there so you have the lesson plans, the handouts," Perry said.

Incorporating those tactics proved results.

In 30 areas of the SOL, the biggest gains for Wythe County Schools are in Reading 3, with scores improving 15%.

Geometry increased 16% and World History II improved to almost 18%.

"For us the numbers all boil down to are we helping kids being successful and are we giving them the best educational opportunities," Perry said.

Which is good for students like some at Max Meadows Elementary where the principal said she's glad to see an increase in scores.

"Some of the growth that we've seen here at max meadows has definitely been in our reading program, we are really proud of 3-5 reading, " Kimley Frye, the principal at Max Meadows Elementary said.