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Mama bear spotted with three cubs in Roanoke

Bears spotted on Bent Mountain

Feel Good VA: Bear family hits the road
Feel Good VA: Bear family hits the road

Roanoke – The beauty of nature was caught on camera as a local man gets a close encounter with a black bear and her three baby cubs.

Terry McKim was on Bent Mountain in Roanoke when he spotted a large black bear crossing the road into the brush. He was a safe distance away when McKim said he heard the bear grunt, then spotted three small cubs following behind her.

She was trying to get the cubs across the road safely, but they trio didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry, but instead playfully followed their mother as she grabbed one of them by the scruff of it’s neck to safety.

The experience was posted on the Facebook page “Preserve Bent Mountain.” In the post McKim said his entire year was made by witnessing the experience.

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