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This Radford restaurant is serving up everything from 10-pound ground chuck to delicious cookies to...toilet paper?


RADFORD, Va. – During this time, a lot of local restaurants know how to give back to the community. That’s especially the case with a fairly new Radford restaurant, The Tie-Dyed Pig.

When you walk in, you get the sense that this is a fun place. The owner, Jeff Corbin, is at the center of all the fun.

One to crack a joke, he looked straight into our camera lens and showed us, "Ten pounds of Angus chuck ground. Who can ask for more, people?! Look at this! This will feed a family of ten for 13 weeks on small portions.”

His witty personality and creativity is what’s allowing the restaurant to survive and thrive during the stay-at-home order.

“This has really forced and given us the opportunity to really start pushing our menu items for the supper to-go concept," said Corbin.

This concept was enough to get Annette Booth into the pig for the first time. “I decided to get meatloaf and toilet paper, because that seems to be a hot item right now.”

That’s right — Corbin is selling toilet paper to anyone who orders takeout from The Tie-Dyed Pig. As for the rest, here’s what they’ve got to offer, “Meatloaf with our homemade sides, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried apples, chicken quarters, quarts of beef stew, chicken and dumplings.”

For dessert, their homemade cookies are amazing! You can choose anything from the triple chocolate chunk to the kitchen sink (a little bit of everything). Their Reese’s cup cookies, red velvet and s’mores cookies are all good for the taste buds too.

They’re open Wednesday through Sunday on 3rd Avenue in Radford, but hours vary each day.

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