Bird talks and dances his way into rescues heart and history

Buddy the Cockatoo is now a Danville Area Humane Society staple

DANVILLE, Va. – A little bird with a big personality has made a local animal shelter his permanent home despite being one of the most inquired about pets from those looking to adopt.

Buddy, the cockatoo was once a rescue, but now is a permanent resident at the Danville Area Humane Society.

“Buddy is a hoot, let me tell you,” said Executive Director Paulette Dean. “Buddy is a hoot."

All who walk in the door of the center are greeted by Buddy saying, “Hello!”

“He's actually quite funny. When you come in, he'll say, ‘hello’, and if you don't answer he'll say, ‘hello,” Dean said a little louder. “And if you don't answer the third time he'll say hello. He gets louder and louder."

Buddy now serves a pseudo staff member and shelter mascot.

When he’s not greeting visitors, he’s putting on a show for the ladies, dancing on the counter. His antics keep staff, volunteers and visitors entertained, and have been well documented on the center’s Facebook page.

Through his videos, he attracts visitors to come in to meet other adoptable pets.

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