Wearing a creative or fun face mask? We want to see

Girl in face mask. (Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels, August de Richelieu)

This time last year, we were beginning to talk about what kinds of fun costumes and masks we might wear for Halloween. Nowadays, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, masks are an every day, everywhere kind of thing.

In an effort to fight the spread of the coronavirus, masks have been mandated for wear in plenty of places, so perhaps your mask has become second nature. Maybe you still forget to grab it or put it on when leaving your house. Either way, it’s probably safe to say, the switch to requiring one has been an adjustment.

We’ve noticed so many people with cute, creative and inventive masks. That not only makes it a little more fun for those wearing the masks, but for us who are out people-watching (and unable to actually see people’s faces).

Have you created, bought or come up with a cool mask? We want to see!

And perhaps you just might give some others some fun ideas to work with.

Image header in gallery by August de Richelieu.