Tasty Tuesday: Basil Pizza becomes a product of the American Dream

Mohamed Al-Sayed moved from Egypt in 2014 and fell in love with Italian food

DUBLIN, Va. – When you walk into Basil Pizza, you see American flags draped from the ceiling and quirky signs like the one that says, “Say no to drugs & yes to pizza.” You’re greeted by Mohamed Al-Sayed who, just six years ago, was still living in Egypt.

Now, he says, “Dublin is my family…my second family.”

While Al-Sayed was looking for work, he tells us, “I was cooking, if I have time, at home with my wife…just trying to help.”

It was then that he realized his love for Italian food, which took off because of the variety.

“You can do pasta, you can do pizza and subs. It’s a lot.”

And it’s a lot that he has to offer on the Basil Pizza menu. The menu is massive with 16 specialty pizzas, stromboli, calzones, pizza, subs, burgers, etc. He does go beyond Italian food too.

“We also add some Egyptian food,” mainly in the form of Falafel.

Now, the key to most great restaurants is the effort and love put into the recipes and the food. There’s no shortage of either here. Everything from the dough to the sauce is homemade, but with a secret ingredient that isn’t so secret after all.

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