Tasty Tuesday: CJ’s Coffee and Sandwich Shop keeps racking up awards

Self-roasted coffee, home-baked treats and made-to-order sandwiches keep CJ’s at the top of its game

Tasty Tuesday: CJ's Coffee and Sandwich Shop
Tasty Tuesday: CJ's Coffee and Sandwich Shop

MONETA, Va. – With the weather as cold as it is, you’re probably craving something hot to drink or filling to eat. CJ’s Coffee and Sandwich Shop in Moneta has all that and then some. There’s a reason they were voted ‘Best Takeout’ in our Top 10 poll this past summer.

Now, the ‘Best of Smith Mountain Lake’ results are in, showing that the sky is the limit for this small shop.

Owner, Christopher Genna, humbly lists off , “Best coffee, best breakfast, best lunch, best sandwich, customer service, bakery and catering too” as the awards they took home. For Genna, being humble is part of it all, including how he started baking.

“I actually taught myself. Watched a lot of Food Network back in the day and got a lot of magazines. I learned different recipes, tweaked things and made them my own. I got some recipes from friends and family,” said Genna.

Now, so many different sweets and treats line the shop, including (but not limited to), “Cinnamon rolls, cookies, muffins, crumb cake. We’ll have those every day.”

Chris and I don’t just have a name in common. We grew up not far from one another.

“I try to bring a little bit of New York here,” said Genna.

It became a nostalgic experience for me when I saw black and white cookies and leaf cookies in the case, bringing me back to times when I’d pester my mom in the grocery store. Perhaps even more impressive is that the coffee isn’t imported.

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