5 ways to make your home more environmentally efficient, sustainable

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There’s often no place like home, although that sentiment can sometimes fade when a house starts to rack up energy bills and breaks down in places over the course of time.

But there are ways to solve those issues with a focus on making a home environmentally efficient, which can cut down on expenses and make it more sustainable as the years go on.

Here are five tips to make your home more environmentally friendly, according to Chris Bolio of Alair Homes Houston.

1. Insulate the entire home, not just the living space.

This includes making sure attic decking and exterior garage walls are insulated.

“By protecting all your home mechanicals and plumbing within your insulation system, you will save energy and your home will be more protected from damage during extreme weather occurrences,” Bolio said.

2. Try to build with concrete and steel.

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