Tasty Tuesday: Brand-new Martinsville coffee shop cranking out drinks by the hundreds

On its first day, The Ground Floor sold 500 drinks

Tasty Tuesday: The Ground Floor
Tasty Tuesday: The Ground Floor

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – It’s always cool to feature local places that have just opened, especially when they’ve seen such great success in the beginning. That’s been the case with The Ground Floor in Martinsville.

For people like Caleb Knigthen, who’s a Martinsville native, it didn’t take long for news to gain steam.

He says, “I think everybody in Martinsville has heard about it. News spread pretty fast.”

Owner Josh Blancas says that fast-spreading news helped lead to a big first day about two weeks ago.

He recalls, “We opened up, and we thought we’d be busy. But we didn’t think we’d be this busy. We actually sold 500 drinks our first day of being open. 500 drinks a day is about what an average coffee shop in New York City does.”

Blancas and his family made the move from Houston to Martinsville within the last year with the goal to, “open up a shop in a town where it would mean something, where it would really make a difference.”

Knigthen agrees that “This was needed.”

The large space and menu were all crafted around people. With that in mind, Blancas says a lot of specialty coffee shops are throwing citrus in with espresso. So, they jumped onto that bandwagon, making “An espresso soda that has lemon syrup in it, citrus zest, mint and we combine that all with club soda and espresso.”

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