Kemper has been searching for you his whole life

This guy is at the Martinsville-Henry County SPCA

Kemper (Martinsville-Henry County SPCA)

7-year-old lab-retriever mix Kemper was adopted as a puppy back in 2015 and is still looking for a place to call home.

If you need a cuddly friend, this handsome dog with golden fur is your go-to. The staff at the Martinsville-Henry County SPCA describe Kemper as an absolute sweetheart; however, he prefers to be around other low-energy dogs, or just in his owner’s loving company.

Staff did mention that he does not do well around unaltered males.

To learn more about Kemper and how you can adopt him, follow this link.

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Kamryn Buza joined 10 News as an intern in September 2021.