Tasty Tuesday: 3rd Bay Cafe serves up seafood, salads, sandwiches and savory desserts

It’s more than just an additional bay added to this former garage

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Martinsville is known by most for the speedway, which is why it’s no surprise that this restaurant is a “Repurposed garage. Originally, the restaurant was in the last two bays.”

Yvonne Givens took over and added one more bay to 3rd Bay Cafe.

She tells us the motivation to taking over years ago is, “I’ve always enjoyed cooking, catering and helping the family thing.”

She’s taken that love and passion and thrown it right into her business. Originally, this was just a spot for lunch. She’s since added dinner and a bi-weekly brunch (every other Sunday) too. The favorites on this long menu might surprise you for a place this far inland.

Givens says a lot of people gravitate toward, “The shrimp and grits and salmon.”

Straight from the sea to the sizzle of the grill-top, Chef Samantha seasons and cooks it all to perfection. This all compliments their sizeable lunch menu, which goes from salads to sandwiches to burgers galore. For dessert, there are three kinds of rich chess pies. A crunch on the bottom and smoothness on the top, these pies are more than just taste. For Givens, they’ve become a memory of a close friend.

She recalls the recipes, telling us, “Two of them came from my best friend who passed away from cancer. I’ve used her recipes so that I could remember her and honor her. Then, several recipes are my mom’s or other extended family and friend’s recipes. A lot of folks who’ve worked here have brought in recipes, and we’ve added those to the menu.”

It’s clearly not just a bay she added but a plethora of new things to try. For Givens, a former educator of 21 years, it’s also about building a bond with the community.

“If somebody passes away and somebody needs something, it’s common practice to call me or call somebody on staff and say we need something. I feel like that’s our way of contributing back and being a good neighbor.”

You can be a good neighbor too by not only supporting this local business, but by supporting local artists whose paintings line the wall of 3rd Bay.

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