Bold Rock launches new craft spirits

Taste them exclusively at the Bold Rock Barrel Barn in Nellysford

whiskey and natural ice on old wooden table (igorr1, igorr1)

NELLYSFORD, Va. – Looking for a new holiday beverage? The Bold Rock Cinnamon Apple Whiskey could be your next favorite.

The company is launching their new Bold Rock Craft Spirits which include the Cinnamon Apple Whiskey along with Vodka, American Whiskey, and Straight Bourbon.

Here is a breakdown of the Craft Spirits:

  • Cinnamon Apple Whiskey - A 70 Proof, 35% ABV apple-forward whiskey, with a kick
  • Vodka - 5x distilled vodka at 80 Proof and 40% ABV
  • American Whiskey - A 84 Proof, 42% ABV whiskey with rich oaky and vanilla notes with hints of dark coffee and maple syrup.
  • Straight Bourbon - 88 Proof and 44% ABV with aromas of worn leather, stone fruits, and a lingering sweetness.

The Bold Rock Craft Spirits will be available exclusively at the Bold Rock Barrel Barn in Nellysford on Saturday, Dec. 11 and Sunday, Dec. 12 starting at 12 p.m.

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