Tasty Tuesday: Mi-Mi’s Ice Cream open for business in Daleville

Right across from Lord Botetourt High School, Mi-Mi’s is open after much anticipation and excitement

DALEVILLE, Va. – An ice cream shop in Botetourt County has now been open for a few days. We got the inside scoop when we visited Mindy Roberts, Josh Smith and crew at Mi-Mi’s Ice Cream in Daleville.

They tell us, “We actually did a soft opening on December 10th, and we did our grand opening on December 17th.”

Open less than a week, they’re already making waves on social media. They’re also thankful to experience this side of life together - for many reasons.

“This is the first time they’ve worked especially in an ice cream shop. I’m glad that they’re here, and we get to spend this time together. And I get to pick on them a lot more.”

Right across from Lord Botetourt High School, Mi-Mi’s is going to be a hot spot with cold treats.

“We wanted to give to the community something they didn’t have. We’re super excited for Botetourt to finally have an ice cream shop.”

A lot of exciting flavors are being scooped out of enormous tubs almost daily!

“Brookie dough blast has been good, banana pudding, cotton candy. The peppermint stick has been really good, which is the holiday flavor we chose. We’ve tried it as well, because (you know) we have to give an expert opinion on things.”

You can get these flavors either scooped or made into a stuffed shake (pictured above), which is a sundae and milkshake combined.

We stayed with the holiday mint theme by asking for Mint Chip ice cream. The mug is coated and frosted and then topped with everything from whipped cream to chocolate syrup to Oreos.

The family is leaving its mark on the colorful walls inside and on the community while encouraging you to leave a mark on the chalkboard inside.

“We have a chalkboard over there that the kids can write on. After they leave, I always take pictures of what they did.”

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