New Solutionaries podcast to offer insight, answers from problem solvers

Solutionaries : Jan 01, 2023

Solutionaries is expanding!

For viewers who have enjoyed watching the Solutionaries series that has highlighted creative thinkers and leaders coming up with ways to solve problems in your communities, a new podcast will soon further guide the mission of Solutionaries.

Starting on Jan. 23, a bi-weekly podcast will supply listeners with deep dives into major topics that our reporting team from around the country is covering.

Hosted by Solutionaries producer Jeremy Allen and host Louis Bolden, the podcast will feature longform interviews and discussions with problem-solving members of our communities.

You can listen to the trailer here or below.

For example, there will be a discussion with a police officer on interactions with citizens and how arrests can be handled differently.

Additionally, the Solutionaries team will further look into the topics most prevalent on the minds of listeners by searching for results and providing answers for those issues.

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