Ben & Jerry's releases 3 new flavors with cookie dough cores

This is taking ice cream to a whole new level

Ben & Jerry's.
Ben & Jerry's.

You can kiss that New Year's resolution goodbye, because the evil geniuses at Ben & Jerry's just released three new flavors of ice cream that have cookie dough in their center.

The legendary ice cream company (which says it invented cookie dough ice cream back in the late 1980s) has taken its signature cookie dough ice cream and elevated it to a whole new level. 

The three new flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core, Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core and Wake & "No Bake" Cookie Dough Core. 

Let's do a rundown on each new flavor, shall we? 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core

This is basically a play on the old classic. The actual cookie dough is surrounded by cookie milk ice cream with fudge chips. Yum! 


Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core

This is where things get interesting. Because these new flavors have a cookie core, Ben & Jerry's can play with the flavors that surround the cookie. On one side of the cookie is sweet cream ice cream that features almond flavor and shortbread cookies, and the other side is cherry ice cream. 


Wake & "No Bake" Cookie Dough Core

This is like the holy grail of ice cream flavors. The no bake cookie dough core is surrounded by vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookie chunks, and the other side is peanut butter ice cream with fudge chunks. Have we died and gone to peanut butter heaven? 

And no need to worry about consuming any raw cookie dough -- Ben & Jerry's uses heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg yolks for its cookie dough.


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