This honey aims to save millions of bees -- and it's infused with CBD

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As many have likely heard or seen, there are dozens of ways to ingest CBD, also known as cannabidiol, but what might possibly be one of the healthiest ways is through honey, according to Skyler Johnstone.

He has spent time and money working with food scientists to figure out that honey processes through the body better than most things, so it makes for one of the best carriers of CBD.

So he’s delivering exactly that — CBD-infused honey — to people everywhere. And apparently, he’s nailing it.

“When we give out honey, people are like, ‘This is nothing like I’ve ever tasted,’” Johnstone said.

He said it's because most people have not tasted honey that raw and organic.

Johnstone said all honeys must be tested by the United States Department of Agriculture and almost all of them have 10-50 detectible pesticides. Not Bee Delightful honey, though. He said his company has the cleanest tested honey in the country, with no detectible pesticides.

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Bee Delightful’s bee sanctuary apiary properties live between Austin and Houston. There, hive boxes are provided for the bees to live their entire lives. We’ll tell you more beeautiful things about them later.

The magic happens inside a commercial kitchen in Austin, where everything is done by hand — processing the Canna Bees honey, putting it in jars, labeling it and infusing it with CBD, which boasts to help with anxiety, stress and sleep quality.

“The way we receive our CBD is already manufactured in a way we can infuse it into our honey in Austin,” Johnstone said. “All the honey is real. Then, the CBD is processed.”

Honey has long been known for its curative powers when it comes to allergies. Johnstone said even though the honey is made by bees in Texas, it can still benefit people all over the country in the same way.

And he said his CBD-infused honey isn't just great as a food or in drink, but because it's so raw, real and organic, it's just as great great for using on wounds and as facial masks.

That's why, Johnstone said, he chose honey as his avenue for delivering CBD.

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“We chose honey for the plain and simple fact that it’s healthy,” he said.

But here's the thing: Johnstone isn't just creating a healthy and delicious way of receiving CBD. He's also making a difference by actually saving hundreds of thousands of honeybees.

The goal was initially to save 100 bees for each jar that is sold, and they were slam dunking that goal, but Johnstone thought bigger: The company aimed, instead, to save 1 million bees a year.

Mission accomplished.

On April 25, the company celebrated its social mission with a party. We'll give you three guesses what they served at the party.

It was an all "beegan" menu, as Johnstone called it, with all foods made possible by the pollination of a honeybee, including avocado, watermelon and, of course, honey.

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