How Will They Pronounce Idina Menzel's Name at This Year's Oscars?

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With Idina Menzel set to perform her Oscar-nominated song from "Frozen 2," “Into the Unknown,” at this year’s award show, some are wondering whether there will be another flub of her name.

In 2014, Menzel was about to hit the stage to sing “Let It Go,” written by Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, when John Travolta got her name mixed up. He ended up introducing her as "Adele Dazeem."

Later, Travolta explained to Jimmy Kimmel where he got that pronunciation from. 

“I run into Goldie Hawn.... I'm star struck hugging and loving her up... and then they were like 'you're on'.. Then they said "Oh by the way we’ve changed the name to phonetic spelling,'” Travolta explained. “In my mind I’m going ‘What, What is that name? I don’t know that name?’ and it was a phonetic spelling, and I didn’t rehearse it that way.'”