Calfee Park owners to bring more events to ballpark

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PULASKI (WSLS 10) - Virginia Tech's baseball team plays the Radford Highlanders at Calfee Park on Wednesday, April 13. This game is one of many events to come to the ballpark before the Pulaski Yankee's regular season begins. 

Within the past couple of years, the ballpark that has undergone $6 million in renovations. These renovations, including new seating, have brought more attention to Calfee Park.

Local business owners, like Chris Woodrum, say the extra events at Calfee Park will bring more people to Pulaski.

"I think it will generate a lot foot traffic give us a lot of exposure," said Woodrum.

Woodrum is the owner of Pockets Cafe and Lounge. He opened late last year and thinks having games at Calfee Park will benefit his business.

"It's going to bring a lot more people to the town, the more people in town the more revenue it will generate," said Woodrum.

The general manager of the Pulaski Yankees, Blair Hoke, says they are hosting the Radford versus Virginia Tech baseball game with the goal of bringing in more people to the park.

"We're really excited to have folks who may or may not have made it out to Calfee park before," said Hoke.

Hoke says they have a short season, the Yankees start playing in late June and wrap up early September.

They are extending the park's season -- with more springtime activities and events like movie nights -- in order to see a return on their investment.

"It feels great for 2016 we want to increase that attendance, but we still want to make it comfortable for fans who who have been coming," said Hoke.

The town's Economic Development Director John White agrees that the Park has helped.

"It really benefits our community, it brings people in, getting people to see the improvements and recognize that Pulaski is on the move," said White.

The Radford and Virginia Tech game will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The next Virginia Tech game held at Calfee Park will be Friday, April 22, against Duke university. This will be the first ACC game held at Calfee Park.