The Greenbrier housing more than 200 now-homeless as flood recovery efforts begin

West Virginia is trying to begin recovery efforts from last week's devastating floods, in the midst of more rain.

The storms left 23 people dead and more missing.

More than 200 people who are homeless because of the floods are now staying at The Greenbrier and that number is expected to grow.

Greenbrier Care is offering free tetanus shots to anyone impacted by flooding. They began with 700 shots, and now have only about 30 left. They are expecting to get more in.

The Greenbrier Classic, scheduled for July 7-10, has already been canceled.

"Until you see it, and smell it, and live it with the people, you can't imagine it," said Greenbrier Care physician Tamra Stall.

Resort leaders said those left homeless will be able to stay at the Greenbrier until it reopens to the public. No estimate yet on when that will be.