Carl Spencer reacts after seeing footage of his brother's death

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ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The brother of Kionte Spencer spoke out Tuesday after seeing the dash cam footage of Spencer's death for the first time.

As we've reported, Spencer was shot and killed by Roanoke County Police back in February while walking down Electric Avenue with what turned out to be a BB gun in his hand.

Carl Spencer says seeing the dash cam footage has further motivated him to seek justice for his brother's death.

Police say the video was originally shown to his parents back in May, before being viewed by anyone other than police.

The department says Carl recently requested to see it as well, and the department obliged Tuesday.

He says the video he was shown was edited by police, and after seven months, he still doesn't feel like he's getting the full story.

"They kept it from me for so long, and this is disappointing man," said Spencer.

Carl Spencer has waited to see the video of his brother's final moments for more than half a year.

It was shown to select members of the media back in May, but after seeing it Tuesday, he says it didn't reveal anything.

"It showed where he, all the way up to gun point time again, and actually shot, but he was not on the screen no more, so we don't know what happened," said Spencer.

Spencer says he couldn't actually see his brother being shot, but what he claims he saw were two officers that he believed were close enough to intervene without the use of guns.

"They were two police was actually this close to him and that was, once I seen that, to be honest I stormed out," said Spencer.

Police disputed Spencer's account Tuesday, saying when he "stormed out" he missed the vital part.

"It is visible on the video when Mr. Spencer was shot, you can see that," said County Spokesperson Amy Whittaker.

Spencer says another concern he has is that police didn't provide him with the raw footage.

"They said we took out all the things that didn't matter, and I'm thinking to myself all of it matters to me, you know I want to see everything, and you took out what didn't matter. So what didn't matter?" said Spencer.

Police confirmed they did edit the video to blur out the officer's faces, but as for the content, the department says all the important aspects are there.

"There were four police officer vehicles that contained dash cam video. We took the video from those vehicles and compiled them into one video that was shown to parents and to Mr. Spencer's brother, and that video was edited only to the extent that it showed the officers interactions with Kionte Spencer," said Whittaker.

Carl Spencer says he can't take police at their word, and until he sees the raw footage, he can't be sure his brother's death was justified.

"It just let me know that they are hiding something, so what I'm doing is for the right reasons anyway because that there just let me know even more that there's way more behind it than we know," said Spencer.

Spencer says he has hired an attorney and has been named the executor of his brother's estate.

He remains resolute in his demands for an independent investigation, the release of the identity of the officers who shot his brother, and to see the original unedited dash cam footage.

He and the Kionte Spencer Coalition will be hosting a vigil in his brother's honor next month on October 26th, which would have been Kionte Spencer's 19th birthday.