Search warrants detail the pattern of an alleged human trafficker

54-year-old Gary Gusler is accused of trafficking female inmates across Virginia

NEWPORT, VA – WSLS has uncovered new details about the investigation into a Giles County man accused of human trafficking. 54-year-old Gary Gusler from Newport was arrested after a three-month long investigation, identifying numerous victims through evidence found in Gusler's home.

The search warrants that were just unsealed Thursday show that deputies not only have letters but recorded phone conversations of Gusler that show the guy they now have behind bars may have been using women for sexual favors all over the state since 2014.

Gusler was communicating with a woman while she was an inmate at the New River Valley Regional Jail.

He told the woman he would bail her out, in return for sexual favors, and now deputies have recorded phone conversations to prove it. In that conversation he blackmails her, saying "Don't make us revoke your bond."

From that point, the search warrants lay out a trail of physical and sexual abuse. The woman told investigators Gusler had "been violent with her". Other quotes are too graphic to share in this story.

The documents also show how Gusler mentally held these women captive. It says "she knew she had to keep him happy because he was the person she could depend on for money... he put money on her books and she knew that he could bond her out of jail".

Ultimately, the search warrants show that Gusler admitted everything to deputies when they searched his home in February. They also found letters in his home that show Gusler "has been contacting these females at jails, prisons, and detention facilities all over the Commonwealth".

And apparently, Gusler gave himself away when he reported one of the women to the Sheriff's Department for stealing $40 from him.

That woman was arrested and then went on to tell deputies everything.

Gusler is at the New River Valley Regional Jail awaiting his next court appearance in June.