Church summer campers from multiple states performing community service in Danville

Over 350 campers from seven states in Danville for three weeks

DANVILLE – Church summer camp members from across the country are lending a helping hand in Danville.

Today, some campers worked on Grace and Main's farm and community garden.

They cleared out a new area to farm, cleaned up the garden, and placed logs and branches around the area to help keep animals out.

The campers are part of an organization called Passport.

This is the sixth year Averett University has partnered with the group to bring campers to Danville.

"We love the partnerships that Passport has been able to build with the community here. We enjoy getting to join in what Danville is already doing here during the summer months," said Camp Director Mary Katherine Johnson.

"I like to do yard work and it's kind of fun because I learn some new things about nature," said Bryson Fox, a 12-year-old camper from Richmond.

Over 350 campers from 22 churches in seven states will be in Danville for three weeks working on various projects.