Averett University starts e-sports program

University First four-year institution in Virginia to join national league

DANVILLE, Va. – Averett University now has an e-sports program.

University president Dr. Tiffany Franks made the announcement Monday morning.

Averett is the first four-year college or university in the Commonwealth to join the national varsity online gaming league.

Over 50 students at Averett are already participating.

They compete against teams from around the world.

"There's a lot of excitement among our students right now about e-sports because they know they're part of something much bigger than themselves and they know that they're part of something that's only going to keep getting bigger," Franks said.

"This opportunity being brought to me by the college, I snatched it and I ran with it," said Averett sophomore Eddie Glenn, Jr.

"I can not only use my talents as a video gamer to better myself, but to showcase the school's talent and represent my school well."

The university currently has 10 teams.

All full-time, traditional, undergraduate students are eligible to participate.

Students interested in joining the teams should contact the university's chief information officer, Kevin Lipscomb, at klipscomb@averett.edu.