New brewery to open soon in Salem, part of growing trend

Ober Brewing will hold its grand opening on March 24.

SALEM, Va. – The growth of breweries continues with more than 900 opening nationwide in 2017. It’s growth we're continuing to see here at home as well.

Olde Salem brewery opened its doors just before Thanksgiving. And in the three months since then, it stayed busy every weekend.

The brewery opened up in the old Tarpley’s Appliance location, completely revamping the space to make room for the five-barrel brewing system. 

Across town, another brewery is just weeks from opening to the public, as Ober Brewing will hold its grand opening on March 24.

This comes as another well-known Salem brewery, Parkway Brewing, celebrates five years in business. The brewery has also seen an expansion and distribution, with beer now available in North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia. The brewery has discussed plans to expand to Maryland and Washington, D.C. this year. 

The growth in the brewery business is bringing more people into Salem, and keeping them there. 

“Craft beer drinkers or connoisseurs like to come and sample and learn about it,” says Salem City planner, Benjamin Tripp. “We’re happy for the kind of traffic this brings into downtown Salem. It puts extra people here on the streets and extra people in our restaurants adjacent to it, and in our stores.“

Parkway Brewing is already listed on the interstate attraction signs for Salem, a designation that Olde Salem Brewing may soon have as well. 

Right now, the final touches are being put on Ober Brewing. The brewery is located in a former warehouse property at Lakeside Circle near Lakeside Plaza. The building process has been going on for nearly a year, now all that’s left to do is brew the beer. 

The owner, David Ober, says when the brewery officially opens later in March, visitors can expect everything from an amber ale IPA to a coffee stout, and a Pilsner named after Hanging Rock.

He says other breweries in our region have been extremely supportive of their new business, helping to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

“It’s a good camaraderie between people. Every time we go to a brewery we end up talking with the brewers and the owners and exchanging information about how the business is running,” says Ober. “It’s a great network of brewers.”

Ober Brewing will hold its grand opening on March 24, the event will include live music, food trucks and their newly brewed beer.